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Master Lundy's Hapkido "A Soldiers Journey"

    I was blessed on the 19th of November of 2016. I became a published author.  My autobiography and memoir is located on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles . The publisher was Iuniverse.  I made fifth degree in 1999. While a member of the World Hapkido Federation then head by  Grand Master ,Myung Kwang Sik.  I received my First Degree in Korea endorsed by the Legendary ji Han jae in Korea.  My instructor was Pak Son Han of Kunsan  Air Force Base in South Korea in 1976. I have a long history of experience with the Korean Art of Hapkido that I would like to share. I am an American whom has never had an American instructor in Hapkido I have had the good fortune of learning from the Korean Masters of which I hold in high regard.  I have studied under some of the best Hapkido instructors in the world and I thank them all.  They have made me the man I am today.

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Comment by Wael on January 15, 2018 at 4:56pm

Cool. Congratulations on your book. Maybe you could post a link here to the Amazon page.



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